Doodle Dads

If you wish to see registrations or pedigrees for any of our dads just ask and we will be happy to show you on puppy pick up day!


Captain is from our retired Chip and Belle litter and has been a wonderful heir to the throne. Captain weighs in at 50lbs. He has a gorgeous wavy chocolate coat. We selected him because of his very calm and sweet personality. He resides in his guardian home with the Worrell family. He is CKC registered.

This handsome guy came to us from the same litter as our other red mommies. Lance is a CKC registered red abstract F1 and was the largest of his litter by far. His adult weight is 45lbs. He resides in Williamsburg, VA with his guardian home, the Finch family, and canine siblings Lucy and Beauregard. He currently sires litters for Piper and Sophie.


Cappy Ondine

Cappy Ondine is our first mini doodle dad. He is a multigen apricot and white parti with tons of curl. He weighs 25lbs full grown and will throw a variety of colors from creams, reds, chocolate and parti. Cappy breeds Lilo, Skye and Daisy for mini goldendoodles. He lives in his guardian home with the Flaherty family in NC. 


We are so excited to have added Winston to our program. He was born in August 2016 and is a F1 phantom. He produces the most gorgeous puppies. We mate Jasmine and Elsa to Winston for stunning solid, phantom and sable doodles. He has a very goofy yet calm personality. Winston lives in his guardian home with the Magro family.  He LOVES the outdoors and has been super smart learning commands.


Jaxx is our first parti dad! He is an AKC registered standard poodle expected and weighs 48lbs. He breeds Nani and Magenta for f2b parti goldendoodles,  and Bailey for f1 aussiedoodles.  He lives in his guardian home with the Brotherton family and his 2 cats and multiple chickens.


Brady is our CKC registered true red and white abstract multigenerational doodle. He has tons of personality.  Brady breeds Miriam and Lacey for red f3b goldendoodles. His puppies have the most gorgeous red colors with white markings. He resides in his guardian home with the Sparks family.


Banks is our CKC registered standard cream abstract f1. He also carries for brown and parti He is incredibly smart and is weighing in at 60lbs. Banks breeds Bonnie, Prudence and Rose for cream and  apricot and white f1b parti goldendoodles. He also breeds Aurora for f2b goldendoodles. We are very excited for these partnerings He resides in his guardian home with the Lessard family.


Bucky is a standard blue merle parti F1B English goldendoodle. He will breed females we keep from Jasmine and Elsa. We chose him for our program because of his rare coloring, English struture and amazing temperament. He'll be 55-65lbs adult weight. Bucky resides in his guardian home with the Worrell family and our other OBX Doodles daddy Captain.


We have added our first Bernese Mountain Dog to our program. Morrissey will sire our first litter of Bernedoodles in 2020. He is AKC registered and is currently 120lbs. He is extremely intelligent and perfectly embodies a big lazy bear. Morrissey lives in his guardian home with the Johnson family.


Meet our new small standard red/white parti male poodle. Atari is AKC registered with an excellent pedigree. He produces our red/white abstract doodles with Lucy and creams with Elle and Molly. He is very playful and cuddly with an amazing coat. Atari lives in his guardian home with the Ryan family and their other OBX  Doodles Bentley.


Triton came to us from the North. He is a f1b parti goldendoodle. He also carries for brown and red. Triton has a wavy coat with a retriever build His temperament is very laid back. He will breed female puppies we keep back from Nani and Magenta litters. Triton lives in his guardian family with the Wilson's and big brother OBX Doodle Sven.


Sammie is our first mini red dad for our future medium and mini red goldendoodles. He is a red abstract AKC moyen (medium) poodle. His adult weight is  28lbs. He is very laid back for a little guy and is very intelligent. Sammie lives in his guardian home with the Leffel family.


Mateo is our first mini phantom dad for our future medium and standard bernedoodles. He is an AKC small standard poodle. His adult weight is estimated 40-50lbs. He is a lover and enjoys cuddling on the couch in between playing with all of the toys in our toy basket. Mateo lives in his guardian home with the Francis family.


Cooper is our first toy poodle dad. He s a black/white parti and breaks the scale at 9lbs! He is a fast little guy and loves everyone he meets. He does not realize he is a small dog.

Cooper currently breeds Minnie Mouse for toy poodles and Tinker Bell for toy cockapoos. He lives in his guardian home with the Marietta family.


Denver is a standard f1b goldendoodle from our Banks and Rose. He will take Banks' place once he retires. Denver should be about 65lbs adult weight. He is an apricot abstract with a wavy coat. Denver will sire red/white and cream abstract litters starting in 2022. He currently lives in his guardian home with the Francis family and other OBX Doodles daddy Mateo.