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Cappy Ondine

Mini Goldendoodle
cream white miniature mini goldendoodle male stud

Pedigree info

Mini Goldendoodle

Size, coat, & color info

Cappy is a multigen apricot and white parti with tons of curl. He weighs 25lbs full grown and will throw a variety of colors from creams, reds, chocolate and parti. Cappy breeds Skye, Rayne, Coco and Daisy for mini goldendoodles.

Personality & temperament

Cappy is both laid back and playful. He enjoys a nap on the couch as well as chasing a ball on the beach. He is also cuddly and outgoing. He likes being with his people as well as meeting other dogs and humans.

Home life

Cappy lives in his guardian home with the Ammons family and other OBX Doodles sister Penny.

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