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F1b Goldendoodle
cream white f1b goldendoodle male stud

Pedigree info

F1b Goldendoodle

Size, coat, & color info

Denver is a standard F1b Goldendoodle from our Banks and Rose. He will take Banks' place once he retires. Denver should be about 65lbs adult weight. He is an apricot abstract with a wavy coat. Denver will sire red/white and cream abstract litters.

Personality & temperament

Denver is our big goofy boy. He is the sweetest and has a very silly temperament. He will present toys at our feet and loves to play with the kids and other doodles. He takes a lot after his retired dad Banks. Denver is large in size but his gentle heart is even bigger. We are so excited for his puppies!

Home life

Denver currently lives in his guardian home with the Francis family and other OBX Doodles daddy Mateo.

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