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Toy Poodle
blue merle miniature mini toy poodle male stud for goldendoodles and bernedoodles

Pedigree info

Toy Poodle

Size, coat, & color info

Kilo is a toy blue merle parti Poodle from our Cooper and Minnie. His max adult weight is estimated to be12lbs. He will produce mini Goldendoodles or Bernedoodles starting in 2023.

Personality & temperament

He loves everybody but he follows his mommy around like a little puppy dog. He loves to play fetch and he loves to burrow under his bed for the toys he hid there. He's very energetic and fun to take for a walk. He is smart and knows basic commands of sit, stay, down, and shake. He listens well. He does not bark excessively. He is great with every age of child or adult. He is not nervous and he is confident around other animals including cats, dogs, horses and cows of all sizes. He travels very well in the car. His fur is soft and not as wirey as some poodles. He potty trained very easily as a puppy. He does not bark or wine due to separation anxiety. He is not fond of puppy clothes probably because he is all boy and all dog!

Home life

Kilo lives in his guardian home with the Kreider family.

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