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Aspen of obx doodles is a merle parti aussiedoodle female

Pedigree info

If you wish to see registrations or pedigrees for any of our moms just ask and we will be happy to show you on puppy pick up day!

Size, coat, & color info

Aspen is a small standard aussiedoodle from one of our Jaxx and Bailey litters. She boasts bright blue eyes like mom Bailey and also carries for the parti gene. Her estimated adult weight is 50lbs.

Personality & temperament

Aspen loves to eat!! We think she would be a foodie is she were a human. Some of her favorite treats are watermelon, boiled chicken, and apples. She can spend hours outside rolling in the grass and playing fetch with her pink squeaky ball. She loves to cuddle and watch tv with her parents. She’s not a big fan of swimming BUT she loves playing with the water hose.

Home life

Aspen lives in her guardian home with the Staples family and goldendoodle brother Kahlua from Banks/Bonnie.

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