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F1b Goldendoodle
Frankie of obx doodles is a standard brown f1b

Pedigree info

If you wish to see registrations or pedigrees for any of our moms just ask and we will be happy to show you on puppy pick up day!

Size, coat, & color info

Frankie is a standard f1b with a silky brown coat. She is expected to be 55-65lbs adult weight.

Personality & temperament

Frankie is very smart-too smart. She is sweet and docile too. She picks up on things very very quickly. She can be sassy at times. Frankie loves to play fetch, is curious and fearless. She adapts to any situation. She acts regal and runs the show. She loves babies and kids. She’s funny and drops dramatically when she lays down- almost like a baby fainting goat, she falls over herself when running after balls, and usually has one ear flopped backwards. She trots like a pony!

Home life

Frankie lives in her guardian home with the Corbin family and her OBX Doodles sister Koda.

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