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Standard Poodle
Winter of obx doodles is a tri colored standard poodle female

Pedigree info

If you wish to see registrations or pedigrees for any of our moms just ask and we will be happy to show you on puppy pick up day!

Size, coat, & color info

Winter is a standard tri poodle and full sister to Misty. We waited 2 years for her arrival as well! She will have her goldendoodles babies in 2023.

Personality & temperament

Winter is sweet, sensitive and very attentive to her family. She will have natural mothering capabilities. She can play nonstop, jump very high, and loves to run. She will go anywhere if a leash is involved. She will entertain herself by throwing toys in the air and catching independently. She will eat up any attention anyone is willing to give. She adores the kids in her family.

Home life

Winter lives in her guardian home with the Worthington family our other standard poodle mommies Rose and Prudence.

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