These are some extra pictures of our doodles and doodles adopted from us

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Nani watching over the puppies

The day we adopted Chip         A smiling Belle and her new pups    Matt and the Doodle mommies

Yankee Doodle 

Previous puppy Dougal and his mommy camping

Allison and one of the new babies

Allison playing in the front yard with a doodle baby

The dynamic trio playing tug of war

A day at the OBX Beaches

beach 10
beach 5
beach 9
beach 1
beach 3
beach 8
beach 2

Moose and his new frog

Xena and her baby sister

Nani hanging out

Luna and her human


Hoover and Tracy lounging around

Miriam with big brother Moses

Lacey preparing for fall

Riley representing NC State

Nani after a day at the spa

Sweet baby Finlee from a Chip & Belle litter

Baby Lance and Guardian Dad Robert

Cappy with Guardian Parents Penny and Dick

Our red momma Lacey as a baby

Our first sheepadoodle Rey


Crusoe from Jaxx/Magenta


Mason from Banks/Bonnie


OBX Doodles dad Winston and son Salem romping through the muddy forest


Teddy from Captain/Sophie


Grace from Captain/Sophie


Bogart from Captain/Sophie

Louis from Brady/Miriam

Leia from Banks/Bonnie


Quinn from Winston/Jasmine