Health Guarantee


OBX Doodles Health Guarantee

OBX Doodles stands behind its puppies with a one-year genetic health guarantee. All puppies sold by OBX Doodles are in the best possible health to the best of our knowledge. While our puppies are in our care, we feed them well and give them the necessary care to grow into strong and healthy pets for years to come.

When our puppies leave our home to go to their forever homes, they will have been wormed, had their first set of shots, and will have been carefully checked by a licensed vet and received a clean bill of health.

Additionally, puppies are started on NuVet supplements prior to leaving OBX Doodles’ home. Adoptive families acknowledge that NuVet assists to drastically reduce the risk of common canine ailments, illnesses, allergies and diseases. Adoptive families also acknowledge that OBX Doodles strongly recommends puppies be placed on NuVet for a minimum of the first year of the puppies life. OBX Doodles agrees to make available their NuVet order code so families may start and/or keep the puppy on the supplement.

Should any problems be found by your puppy’s new veterinarian within the first 48 hours after purchase, and the problem is found to be life-threatening or disabling, OBX Doodles will refund the full purchase price. Families will be granted the right to keep or return the puppy at this time.

If any hereditary or genetic disorders are found within the first year of life, OBX Doodles will require a written statement from the puppy’s veterinarian stating the puppy’s condition and that the findings are hereditary related. OBX Doodles also reserves the right to take the puppy to our veterinarian for medical examination for the same findings. OBX Doodles will not cover any incurred medical expenses. If such condition is validated, adoptive families may return the puppy without refund and will be granted first pick of the next available litter pending a future litter is conceived.

OBX Doodles will accept the return of the puppy without refund and no questions asked at any age of the puppy’s life either related to or unrelated to health.

Adoptive families agree to spay/neuter puppy prior to 1 year of age and will agree to sign the OBX Doodles spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights will be granted to approved homes only under a separate contract.