Puppy Shipping

Can't make the trip? We can now effortlessly have our puppies delivered anywhere in the US.

What is a flight nanny?

A Puppy Flight Nanny delivers a puppy from the breeder to adoptive family via airplane in her lap. Nannies are knowledgeable about flight routes, how to navigate different airports and are USDA licensed. They are trained in how to care for puppies regarding feeding, watering and pottying on the go while limiting the risk of exposing the puppies to germs during transport. They also provide frequent updates with pictures during the trip.

The best part is the cost...

Utilizing a nanny starts at only $500. This includes the crate she carries too. Additionally, traveling by car with gas, hotels, time off work and money for meals can cost this much or more.  There is a discount for booking early and a small additional fee if you book during the holiday rush or last minute. We will also charge a small fee of $100 for coordinating nanny services and making the 1.5 hour trip to the airport to hand-off the puppy.

Safety first

YOU CAN NOT get this type of safety and reassurance shipping cargo under the plane. It also guarantees that the puppy is not waiting around in a holding area or on the tar mack under the plane. You also are not at the mercy of the airline employees who may or may not feed and water the puppy while they are in transit waiting for a connecting flight.