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Purchasing Process


Review Our Pricing

First and foremost, please carefully review our Pricing.  Our puppy prices are non-negotiable and we would like to be sure you are aware of the costs involved prior to completing an application or submitting a deposit.


Puppy Application

Our Puppy Application is where we get to know you!  Please don't view it as a pass/fail test.  Our application helps us communicate more in depth details of our purchasing process, and helps us understand what kind of puppy you want and need.


Pick Your Puppy

Bloodlines perfected over many generations! Since we are confident in the temperaments produced by our breeding pairs, puppy selection will occur as deposits are placed.  Adopters needing a specific temperament or personality trait should indicate their needs upon placing their puppy application. You will be contacted to discuss your needs. We do not allow visitors prior to pick up day.  Please refer to our Visitor Policy page for more information. OBX Doodles reserves the right to the first two picks of every litter.  In the event we forgo our picks, each family will jump one rank in the pick list.

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