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A true family operation

We are a true family operation. Heather calls herself the "Circus Ringmaster". Tracey, Heather's mom, is second in command. And we often enlist help from our husbands, my children and my brothers. We even have a wonderful full time kennel technician who has become part of our crazy doodle family.

About Our Family

We consider ourselves an average family

My mother and I are both nurses. My husband is active duty Coast Guard.  We live with my three children and our Standard Poodle, Elsa, as well as our Goldendoodles, Belle, Jasmine, Jade, and Piper. My mother, Tracey, lives with us and keeps our other Goldendoodles, Nani and Lilo, and her poodle, Hope.  In addition, we have other poodles and goldendoodles all placed in excellent guardian homes with local families.  


I have been around animals the majority of my life, ranging from household pets to livestock, and am finally living my dream of breeding dogs. I chose the Goldendoodle breed because I've owned both retrievers and poodles. Although they are both great breeds, I believe that combining the intelligence and non-shedding characteristics of the poodle with the goofy, family-oriented golden retriever yields the perfect family dog.

We try to build relationships with our adoptive and guardian families by sending one another updates with letters, pictures, and communicating through our Facebook page.  We hope you'll consider us and look forward to welcoming you into the OBX Doodles family!

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