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Guardian Home Program

Happier dogs

We know that our dogs can live happier lives in homes where they can receive more one on one attention from their families.

More variety

Using Guardian Homes means we can have more moms & dads available to us for breeding!  This is important because having more options means greater genetic diversity.

Long term love

Dogs that are placed in Guardian Homes remain there for life.  There is no retirement and rehoming necessary once our dogs are finished breeding.

What is a Guardian Home?

Our dogs are our family. We would have a thousand Doodles if we could, however, we believe that all of our doodle parents deserve as much individual love and attention as possible. Our Guardian Homes provide permanent, lifelong homes for our doodle moms & dads.

Why would I want to be a Guardian?

She has arrived 09/29/2022. We will choose exactly which female when the litter is approximately 5-6 weeks old.
Female Puppy

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Adult Size:

Other Info:

Standard Goldendoodle

Ready 11/26/2022

Estimated 55-65lbs

This puppy is out of our Banks/Snow White Litter

Guardian Home Opportunities

If you meet our qualifications for becoming a Guardian Home (listed above), and are interested in one of the opportunities below, please fill out this form.

Puppies can be adopted to Guardian homes for $500.  This payment is considered your application fee to be a Guardian in our program.  Simply fill out this form to express interest.  Preferential treatment will be given to active families with children and other pets to promote a well-socialized Doodle.


Guardian homes must live within 1-2 hour drive of OBX Doodles.  The dog will be exercised often in a safe fenced back yard or on leash in front yard or around neighborhood.  Should guardian family change residencies, written notice will be given to OBX Doodles and guardian home will be responsible for charges to transport dam or sire to OBX Doodles for breeding.


Guardian family will understand that OBX Doodles will breed dams for 4-6 litters and sires until noted decreased sperm count. In the event OBX Doodles cannot provide transportation, guardian homes agree to transport to and from OBX Doodles for breeding as needed at discretion of breeder. OBX Doodles will be allowed keep puppy/dog for 72 hours every 2-3 months to allow for socialization with other OBX Doodle dogs. Any veterinarian appointments deemed necessary will be conducted during these hours.


Guardian home will keep puppy/dog on Nuvet Plus supplements until retirement from breeding program. Additionally, guardians of females agree to feed Muenster Mills dog food. Male guardians agree to provide OBX Doodles with adequate supply of dog food while visiting for breeding should they wish to not feed Muenster Mills.

Health Care

Guardian homes will be able to provide documentation of proper health care upon OBX Doodle's request.  Guardian family will be responsible to maintain proper health of puppy including: vet checkups yearly, puppy will be placed on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative, proper grooming and dental hygiene. Guardian family will pay any medical expenses related to poor health maintenance. Should OBX Doodles be out of town, guardian home will agree to take dam to prenatal appointment if OBX Doodles cannot provide alternate family member to escort dog.


Guardian homes will provide OBX Doodles with frequent updates including pictures, calls, and/or social media updates. Any pictures or video may be used for advertising. OBX Doodles will be permitted to complete in home welfare checks at our discretion with notice.  Guardian homes will be required to notify OBX Doodles of the start of the heat cycle and will transport the dog to OBX Doodles for breeding should OBX Doodles be unable to provide transport. Once the dog has been bred, the guardian home may pick up the dog and keep during pregnancy until 2 weeks prior to due date. Dog will then be transported back to OBX Doodles for whelping until time of puppy weaning and/or puppy pick up dates.

Accidental Breeding

Breeding knowingly or unknowingly will NOT be permitted at any time and guardian home will pay OBX DOODLES $20,000 and any acquired legal fees.  Guardian homes will not keep any other intact dogs in the home so an accidental breeding does not occur. OBX Doodles will not place a puppy in to a guardian home that is a breeder or intends to start breeding. Guardians agree to not start breeding any retrievers, poodles, or "doodle" breeds after their puppy has been retired by OBX Doodles.


Should injury or death of puppy/dog occur while in the breeding program and under the guardian home's care, the guardian home agrees to pay OBX Doodles the original sales and breeding rights cost of the puppy/dog. Should injury or death occur to any dam who is pregnant while under the guardian home's care, guardian home will pay OBX Doodles the original sales price and breeding rights cost plus average litter price of $15,000. Injuries are defined as any condition which would cause miscarriage or render the dog unable to reproduce, tolerate pregnancy, or whelp.

Are you interested in becoming a Guardian for an OBX Doodles dog?

Click here to contact us regarding becoming a Guardian Home.

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Guardian Home Requirements

Full legal ownership of the dog remains with OBX Doodles until the dog has been retired from the breeding program. At this time legal rights will be transferred to the adoptive family.  Guardian homes will not have rights to any offspring or semen produced by dams or sires.  OBX Doodles reserves the right to confiscate any dog at any time due to health and wellness issues, or other concerns. Guardian homes will be given written rationale.


OBX Doodles will pay a guardian stipend of $500 per litter for female guardian dogs to compensate for any needs during pregnancy and time away during the whelping process. This stipend is paid after the birth of puppies on the day the guardian female is returned to the guardian home. The stipend is only available to females as the breeding process is much more rigorous for females than males.

Best of the Best

OBX Doodles will guarantee a quality addition to your home with lifetime support for any questions or concerns.  You will be given a top litter pick of our choice with a sound temperament.

FREE Boarding

We would LOVE to board the dog while your family takes trips. This will allow the other members of the clan to become well acclimated with one another and will assist with breeding times.

Medical Care

OBX Doodles will cover any medical expenses related to reproductive visits, prenatal care, and whelping emergent or non-emergent issues.  OBX Doodles will cover cost of spay/neutering up to the amount of $400 upon completion of breeding program or if warranted by health conditions.  

A Lifetime Companion

OBX Doodles will give family complete legal rights to dog upon completion of breeding program.  Should any guardian wish to return their dog OBX Doodles will provide a Release of Contract to be signed by both the guardian and OBX Doodles. No refund will be given and OBX Doodles will be responsible for the rehoming and ongoing care of the dog.

Interested in becoming a Guardian Home?

Benefits of being a Guardian Home

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