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Puppy Training Tips

Visitor Policy

Quality & Health

Since we take our job of providing quality, healthy puppies to our families very seriously, we regularly network with other breeders to keep current on new products, methods, testing, diets, and general changes in breeding practices. Recently we have noticed an uptick in parvo cases and personally know a breeder that lost her entire litter to the parvo virus brought into her home by a family who unknowingly came in contact with a dog carrying the virus. Since there are multiple times throughout the year when we get rather busy and may have multiple litters in various stages or pregnant moms in our home, we cannot be vigilant enough. For this reason, we have developed a strict visitor policy.

We will no longer be doing Selection Days in our home. Prior to 8 weeks, puppies just don’t have the immunity to be exposed safely to outsiders. Families will still be provided with photos, videos, and personality sheets on puppies in order to assist in making your selection (we spent a great deal of time with our babies and know them well). Families will be provided with a time frame on selection day to call or email with their choice. Of course we are always available to discuss your choices in detail to make sure you receive the puppy who is best suited for your family. Additionally, we have noticed less and less families travel for Selection Day since we provide pictures, videos and temperament evaluations. Many families don't want to travel for Selection Day and make the trip again just 3 weeks later for pick up.

If you want to make sure you are getting your puppy from a reputable breeder (and we want you to do your research and be confident in choosing us), you are welcome to openly ask for references in our Facebook group, call our vet (she is listed on our website) and read our Genetic Health Guarantee. This should give you the confidence to know you’re working with a good breeder.


We understand there are a number of "what to do when buying a dog" websites that advocate for visiting the breeder and meeting the pup’s parents first. The problem with these sites is their priority is the buyer, not the pups’ or breeders’ health and safety. Please remember that our pups are home raised – in rooms in our house. This means you can’t come visit the adult dogs or home, without also ‘visiting’ our pups and their mom, as well as other pregnant/nursing moms and litters.

Safety for your future puppy

Pups immune systems are very immature

Many unsuspecting visitors have brought disease (parvovirus, distemper, etc) with them when visiting pups, the result of which is the death of the entire litter. Parvo can live in the soil for up to one year, has a long incubation period where the puppy or dog won't even show symptoms, and cannot be killed by bleach.

Stressed out moms create stressed out pups

A new mother is emotionally charged and in hyper protective mode. When a stranger comes to visit, mom becomes stressed causing her body to create cortisol, which goes into the milk. The puppies consume this cortisol rich milk and become stressed themselves. You can imagine the stress on new moms and puppies when there are weekly visitors to their home. Even if we attempt to seclude the moms, they can still hear and smell a new person in their home. We can see and feel their stress days after visits occurred.

Panicked moms unintentionally hurt pups

When a stranger comes to visit mom’s state of mind changes rapidly. She feels threatened and moves quickly to assess the threat. Many moms have unintentionally stepped on or crushed a pup in their urgency to get out of the whelping box to assess the threat.

We don’t "own" the pups

All the puppies are sold to families. We are simply the guardians. However, we have been entrusted with the care of these pups for the first critical weeks of their lives. As guardian of other peoples’ dogs, we must do everything possible to protect them.

This was hard for us because we want families to feel included every step of the way in the adoption process and confident they are choosing both their puppy and breeder wisely.

We invite any questions or feedback

We thank you for your understanding that we will not compromise on the health and safety of our pups and other adults and hope you see this as a positive quality of a reputable breeder​.

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