Puppy Pricing

Puppy prices are non-negotiable and only serious buyers should inquire.  

Our puppy prices range from $2,200.00 and up based on color variety and will include $200.00 deposit, first set of vaccinations and deworming, health guarantee, puppy training tips, small bag of food and a blanket with mom's scent. We also offer discount codes for recommended vitamins and online training resources and programs.


We do not believe in charging different prices for either sex however prices may be increased with rarer colors.  A male or female doodle can be a great addition to any home.  Please do your research to determine which gender would best fit your family. 


We would be willing to grant breeding rights at double the price of the puppy. Adoptive families seeking breeders rights should indicate their interest in our Contact Us form prior to placing a deposit. Any puppy sold with breeding rights shall have the kennel name OBX Doodles at the beginning of their AKC/CKC registered name prior to breeding the puppy. No breeding of the puppy shall occur prior to 18 months of age. Further breeding contract information and stipulations will be provided to buyers who express interest in these rights. We will automatically deny rights to anyone in too close of a radius to our home to minimize competitive breeding.  Any adoptive families not seeking breeders right shall be required to undergo a spay/neuter contract. A spay/neuter contract will be required for any puppy not purchased for breeding.


A $200 deposit will be required and litter picks will be determined on a first come-first serve basis upon receipt of deposit.  If a puppy of your preference is not born, your deposit can be transferred to another litter. If no comparable future litters are planned your deposit may be refunded. This is the ONLY instance in which a deposit will be refunded, so please be certain of your decision and finances before placing a deposit. PLEASE do not contact us to adopt if you are only considering a puppy based on color. Temperament is far more important and colors can change with age.


Puppy selection will occur at 5-6 weeks of age when puppies begin to display their true coat type and personality. Families will be provided with pictures, videos and a temperament description of each puppy. Phone calls will be made to each family to discuss and assist with selection. We do not allow visitors prior to pick up. Please refer to our Visitor Policy page for more information. OBX Doodles reserves the right to the first two picks of every litter. In the event we forgo our picks, each family will jump one rank in the pick list.


Prior to making a deposit on this page, please use the Contact Us page to tell us a little about you and your family. Then we will instruct you to place your deposit based on current availability. We reserve the right to refuse sale when we feel it is not a good match and/or not in the best interest of the puppy.


Pick up dates will be decided based upon the puppies 8 week age mark. Remaining money due must be paid at the time of pick up. We accept cashier's check only. Any puppies not picked up at the scheduled time slot on pick up day will be relisted for sale and the deposit will be forfeited unless a separate boarding agreement is made. Our cost of boarding is $25 per day beyond pick up day.


**Price of the puppy a bit too much?? Consider guardianship. See our Guardian Home Opportunities page for more information.

Can't make the trip to pick up your puppy?? 

We are now offering Puppy Flight Nanny Services!

What does this mean?..

We can now effortlessly have our puppies delivered anywhere in the US. A Puppy Flight Nanny delivers a puppy from the breeder to adoptive family via airplane in her lap. Nannies are knowledgeable about flight routes, how to navigate different airports and are USDA licensed. They are trained in how to care for puppies regarding feeding, watering and pottying on the go while limiting the risk of exposing the puppies to germs during transport. They also provide frequent updates with pictures during the trip. 

The best part is the cost. Utilizing a nanny ranges about $500 only. This includes the crate she carries too. Additionally, traveling by car with gas, hotels, time off work and money for meals can cost this much or more.

YOU CAN NOT get this type of safety and reassurance shipping cargo under the plane. It also guarantees that the puppy is not waiting around in a holding area or on the tar mack under the plane. You also are not at the mercy of the airline employees who may or may not feed and water the puppy while they are in transit waiting for a connecting flight. 

First and foremost, we are all about improving our breeding practices. I think we can all agree the babies are precious cargo and deserve our best. This also makes it more convenient for families out of state to adopt from us.


**The map below is quoted nanny rates based on location. There is a discount for booking early and a small additional fee if you book during the holiday rush or last minute. We will also charge a small fee of $100 for coordinating nanny services and making the 1.5 hour trip to the airport to hand-off the puppy.


One of our doodle girls boarding a private plane to her new home in Alabama

**A $6.28 PayPal tax fee will apply