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Kaitlyn G.

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about OBX Doodles. My parents got their goldendoodle from them a little over a year ago, and after seeing how well the puppies are taken care prior to getting adopted, I ended up adopting a goldendoodle from them in January. They care SO much about the dogs that they are breeding, take such wonderful care of the puppies after they are born, and keep in touch with all of the families through social media and the like to watch the puppies grow up. If you ever have any questions about anything, even after you bring the puppy home and they are full grown, OBX will answer them and give recommendations when needed. They are very attentive, very passionate, and the puppies are just the cutest!! The OBX Doodle community is a strong one, and are full of people who love to show off their OBX Doodles :).

white goldendoodle puppy
Jeanne M.

OBX Doodles, LLC is the absolute best breeder I have ever dealt with. We have had the privilege of living with upwards of 12 or so dogs and at least 4 diff breeds. Some have been pure breeds from breeders and others were rescues. But not one breeder has provided us with such a wonderful puppy as OBX. They were able to listen to our lifestyle and fit us with a pup best suited to us. And going forward, they answer each and every question that comes up no matter how mundane. Id recommend them to anyone wishing to acquire a new pup. 5 stars...more if I could!

cream goldendoodle puppy
Emily H.

I cannot speak any more highly of Heather and the team at OBX doodles. My husband and I had our hearts set on a bernedoodle as our first dog as newlyweds. Everything about the process was exceptional. The deposit, puppy selection, and pick up process were so well organized (which made my new puppy mom heart so happy and so much less stressed). Heather was always timely on answering my questions, even the silly ones that were probably already somewhere on the website or Facebook page! If you are on the fence, do it!! Highly recommend OBX Doodles!

black and white parti goldendoodle puppy
Allison T.

We found OBX Doodles after lots of research and googling doodle breeders. We picked them because of their amazing program and love for all their dogs! Julep has the best temperament and personality and I know that is what Heather looks for when she is picking dogs for her program. On top of everyone telling me how cute our girl is, they also continuously comment on how well mannered she is and how well she fits the dynamics of our family - Heather made sure that happened. She helped us pick based on our lifestyle and what puppy she felt would match best with us - she was right on the money! I will recommend her to anyone I know looking for a new member of their family!

blue merle parti abstract tuxedo goldendoodle
Audrey L.

Heather is a wonderful breeder who truly cares about her dogs and the homes they go to. We absolutely love our Aussiedoodle that we adopted from her in April 2020. I have since recommended Heather to many other families and they have all loved their puppies as well.

blue merle parti abstract tuxedo goldendoodle
Alyson C.

When your friend has an amazing pet, you fall in love and want your own with the very same level of personality, handsomeness and smarts you do what they did and immediately get in touch with OBX Doodles. Then you realize you have found an amazing community, new obsession and might end up with oodles of doodles because Heather, Tracy and the whole program is so much more than you expected.

Start to finish the confidence we had in the “business” side of bringing home a new family member was unwavering and smooth. Selection day was exciting and easy! Every question and concern we had along the way was quickly and smartly addressed with knowledge, confidence and compassion.

Transparency gave us confidence in our choice to bring an OBX Doodle home. Litter updates gave us a chance to see our pup grow and know what a loving and safe environment he was enjoying. Pick up day, on Christmas morning no less, was seamless. The community keeps us grounded knowing we are not alone with puppy antics. Along the way the toughest aspect was selecting one of the puppies to call our own and to not keep putting down deposits for another and another and another. These smart sweet Doodles are a families dream!

black tri tan phantom goldendoodle puppy
Jason H.

We’ve had the best experience with OBX Doodles. After a bad experience with a breeder who turned out to be a puppy mill several years ago, my wife meticulously researched breeders near us before deciding on OBX Doodles. Her research paid off - OBX Doodles has been nothing less than phenomenal. From regular photos and videos of each litter, to a detailed personality description of each puppy and selection day video of each puppy, we were more than prepared to select the right puppy for us. Selection day and pick up day were both well organized and quick. And the puppy we got - simply the best. Easy to train, smart, great personality - he is the best dog we have ever had. We’re so happy with him, that we had to go back and get a companion for him. The Facebook group allows all families to stay in touch and see how litter mates are growing, as well as address any concerns or questions across a broad and knowledgeable community. Simply put, OBX Doodles is the model that every breeder should follow.

blue merle goldendoodle puppy with black and white parti goldendoodle
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