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English Goldendoodle
black and white parti goldendoodle male stud for golden mountain doodles

Pedigree info

English Goldendoodle

Size, coat, & color info

Huk is our pick of litter from our Bucky and Gracie litter. He is also a part of our Winston/Elsa bloodlines. He is a standard multigenerational English Goldendoodle. We expect him to start breeding for Golden Mountain Doodles in 2023.

Personality & temperament

Huk is happy go lucky, cooperative, smart and playful. He loves to be near his humans and his furry sibling Lillian. He thinks he is a lap dog despite his size. Everyone comments that he seems to always be happy. His way of being sassy is to yawn and whistle when he doesn’t get his way. He is the sweetest boy.

Home life

Huk lives in his guardian home with the Eve family.

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