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Mini Goldendoodle
brown merle mini goldendoodle male stud

Pedigree info

Mini Goldendoodle

Size, coat, & color info

Weston is a mini brown merle parti Goldendoodle and future sire to all minis in our program. He will sire any puppies produced by Cappy once Cappy has retired. We look forward to seeing the wild color combinations he will throw.

Personality & temperament

Weston is a happy-go-lucky go. Always ready for an adventure. Chasing his human brothers and being chased is his favorite activity. He loves stuffed animal toys with squeakers inside and is very proud of himself when he finds the squeak in a new toy! Wessy also loves his blankets and will bring them out of his kennel first thing in the morning. When they are put away, he goes and gets them out and makes sure they are in the living room where we all hang out. He is exceptionally smart and learns quickly. There are no doubts that Weston's offspring will be nothing less than amazing!

Home life

Weston lives in his guardian home with the Terns family.

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