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Standard Poodle
Misty of obx doodles is a standard brown phantom standard poodle female

Pedigree info

If you wish to see registrations or pedigrees for any of our moms just ask and we will be happy to show you on puppy pick up day!

Size, coat, & color info

Misty is a standard brown phantom poodle. We waited 2 years for her arrival! She will have her bernedoodle babies in 2022 sired by Morrissey.

Personality & temperament

Mystique is always making us laugh, I think she was a cat in a former life. She loves the bay window where she watches the whole neighborhood and tells us all about what’s going on outside, she’s very loving and if she’s not chewing a bone she has to be touching her guardians on the couch, she’s suspect of everyone but once she knows you she’s super loving and gives lots of kisses. She finally enjoys car rides and gets super excited when you get the leash. And her favorite pass time is binge watching anything her guardians are watching on the tv. She is very loyal waiting outside the bathroom or bedroom door if you don’t let her follow with you. Her favorite person is her 15 year old guardian Jaiden.

Home life

Misty lives in her guardian home with the Hall family our other standard poodle mommy Ariel.

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